Am I Eligible For Part-Time Adult Learning?

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) subsidises the adult education provision offered at our college. With that funding are rules that we must abide by when enrolling learners.

Our courses are available to those who have lived-in the UK/EEA for at least the last 3 years (or have settled status), have the right to abode in the UK, aged 19 or over and who live in a non-devolved adult education budget funded area. Other learners will pay additional costs.

Please note that neighbouring Greater London Authorities devolved with effect from 1 August 2019. We are required to check that learners are eligible to study and may undertake status checks for fee concessions. Full details of our fee policy can be found on our website. All the information is subject to change - please ask at enrolment.

The college is required by funders to check that learners are eligible to study and undertake status checks. Fraudulent claimants will be required to pay either the full fee cost, or be withdrawn from the course and reported to the appropriate authorities.