4 easy ways to enrol on your course

Call on 01375 372476 or Freephone 0800 783 7733

It will take about 10 minutes for us to complete your personal details and you will need to have your credit/debit card ready for payment. For courses that require a pre-course assessment or induction session, it will take just a few minutes to book you onto the next available session. Alternatively, you can do this online - search Find a Course and follow the links to enrol or book your pre-course induction/assessment.

Reduced fees

There are reduced fees available for all over-65’s (not in full time employment) and those on state related benefits. If you are applying online and the course you wish to enrol on is non-accredited, you will need to select the correct option under concession to reduce your fee.

Many courses, up to Level 2, are free for learners receiving some work related benefits or those employed/self-employed who earn less than £16,009.50 annual gross salary (or annual gross profit for self-employed), regardless of number of hours worked. You can book your assessment for qualification courses online but will need to enrol in person and bring in evidence of benefits.

Students on a low-income or income-related benefits, requiring financial support, can apply to our Learner Support Fund for assistance with fees, childcare costs and other course related costs, including travel. There are also Advanced Learner Loans for Level 3+ qualifications.

Pay by Instalments

Courses that are 11 to 15 weeks long may be paid in two instalments.

Courses 16 weeks and over, or 32 hours and above, may be paid in three instalments. In all such cases the accreditation fee will be taken where appropriate at the first instalment stage.

An individual’s financial circumstances can be taken into account providing further instalment options; the Student Services Team can give further advice.

Am I eligible for part-time adult learning?

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) subsidises the adult education provision offered at our college. With that funding are rules that we must abide by when enrolling learners. To be eligible for either a fully funded, or part funded course, a person must be resident in the UK/EEA for 3 years prior to the beginning of the course. Additionally a person must be a British/EEA citizen, or have the right to abode in the UK, or be a refugee who has been resident in the UK since the granting of refugee status, or an asylum seeker with 6 months residency. Learners must also live in a non-devolved adult education budget funding area (please note that neighbouring Greater London Authorities devolve with effect from 1 August 2019). If you are not eligible for funding but want to enrol onto a course then our full cost fees apply, £12.50 per hour. Please ask our Student Services team at enrolment or find out more by clicking on this link for more devolution guidance.

The college is required to check that learners are eligible to study and may undertake status checks. Fraudulent claimants will be required to pay either the full fee cost, or be withdrawn from the course and reported to the appropriate authorities.

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